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Version 2.61 Released
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Author:  Gigus [ Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Version 2.61 Released

Version 2.61 is now available for download.

Whats new in 2.61?

  • Improved memory management for long running macros.
  • Fixed memory leak when closing the Investigator.
  • Decreased CPU usage of Macro.Pause -command.
  • Increased mouse-speeds when using Mouse.Move to... and Humanly.Move to... -commands.
  • Fixed bug with "Variable.Get character at index" command which previously returned the numeric char-value of the specified index, instead of the actual character.

In addition to those already added in 2.6:

  • Windows 8 support

  • Window.Display html dialog
  • Window.Close html dialog

  • Macro.Break from while

  • Color.Find pixel pattern closest to coordinate

  • Variable.Sort collection ascending (Math)
  • Variable.Sort collection descending (Math)

  • Humanly.Pause
  • Humanly.Click
  • Humanly.Click at coordinate
  • Humanly.Move to coordinate
    Hint: You can set the speed by changing the "Smooth speed" setting in Settings -> Input - Smooth speed.

  • Mouse.Set coordinate relative to window
  • Mouse.Move to coordinate relative to window
  • Mouse.Click at coordinate relative to window

  • Macro.Stopwatch counter is less than
  • Macro.Stopwatch counter is greater than

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